Touchstones is a sensuous and sophisticated collection of jewelry.
No two pieces are alike. Handcrafted by Jill Evans Petzall, these original designs
are always surprising with chic combinations of freshwater pearls,
precious and semi-precious stones, and fine quality metals.

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Jill is — in her other life — an Emmy award winning documentary filmmaker, media artist, and university teacher. She found her way to Touchstones when she wanted to get back in touch with her hands. Below is one of her photographic projects.

I wish you hadn't told me about your website. OMG, your work is stunning!!! I particularly love that purple jade and some of the rich oranges and reds and the pearls...
-  Elisabeth W., Newton Highlands, MA

Oh, Jill, it is so beautiful, the weight of it, the color, the light. I simply love it
-  Ellen Rievman, Manhattan, NY

The pearl discs are so unique!  I really enjoy looking at the asymmetric design of this necklace.  It is unique and I love the fact that it is just one-of-a-kind!  Such a refreshing modern take using the classic pearl with a twist.  
-  Alice Wong, San Francisco

I'm wearing the necklace right now as I'm typing and just love the weight and feel of it. Can you tell how happy I am? Typically I wear dark colored clothing... and your necklace (or shall I say artwork) has added much needed life into my dark world! I am so impressed with the amount of detail you put into the necklace.
-  Alice Wong, San Francisco

Wanted to tell you that I wore that marvelous necklace you created with all the little silver shapes and forms, and it literally lit up my face. It really has a wonderful glow. I love it.
-  Angela Miller, Professor of Art History, St. Louis

Jill, I love your necklaces. The black one with the dash of brass is especially "me".
-  Christy B, St. Louis

I received the necklace and earrings! i have to tell you, they are spectacular. your work is wonderful. How shallow am I if I say they make me happy? Thanks so much.
-  Cyndy, Toronto, Canada

The necklace is really lovely, really truly lovely... Your design has given the pearls a beautiful drape, and they have such a stunning orient and iridescence. I really like the way the pearls lay when the necklaces are worn, and the length is just perfect. Thanks so much for everything.
-  Lisa Marie, Connecticut

Your jewelry will be perfect for summer and add just the right touch to my rather casual outfits.
-  Kathy P, Wakefield, R.I.

Got the necklace today, and in a word: WOW!!!!!! They are beautiful and very very iridescent, the most iridescent pearls that I own, by a long shot. I can't wait to start collecting compliments from my women friends!"
-  Ruth S, Connecticut

I'm thrilled with my necklace! I put it on today before I even put on my underwear! Who wants practical when one is buying a fabulous piece of jewelry!
-  Diana D, St. Louis

The pearls exudes immediate sophistication...  very special and precious...  pure bliss.
-  Alice Wong, San Francisco

I love the necklace so much! I probably would have grabbed this one even if it wasn't made for me, but knowing that it was makes it that much more special.
-  Cheryl, Oakland, CA

You do gorgeous work – what more is there to say!
-  Mary Lampe, Texas

The necklace has arrived and it is stunning.  The blues are indescribable - just absolutely gorgeous. I love it, I know that I will wear it constantly. I might actually have to restrain myself from wearing it every single day! It's been an absolute pleasure to purchase and own some of your gorgeous jewelry :-)
-  Melissa, London, England

Hi Jill, I find that the the pearl necklace I bought from you is the one that is I always select day or night. It is my second skin as it goes with everything. People stop me when I wear and tell how beautiful it is. Really I can't think of any piece of jewelry that I have enjoyed more. Your creativity and the unique person you are went into the fabulous necklace and now you and it are woven into my life.
-  Charlene B, St. Louis, MO

Wearing your jewelry is wearing a wonderful art piece! It was wonderful meeting you - I felt as if I had briefly crossed paths with a kindred spirit.
-  L. Thomas, Southern CA.

I cannot tell you how much I love your jewelry. I am wearing your necklace at this very moment. I will wear it OFTEN and for years to come.
-  Lauren T, California

I am so glad to own this lovely piece of ART you created, Jill!   I still can't get over the fact I took the plunge and stepped out of my comfort zone.  So worth it!   
-  Alice, Daly City, CA

As I look through all of the amazing pieces that Jill has so lovingly crafted, it is as if each one has its own personality. The materials are exceptional and the composition of each necklace is inspired. I have received several of Jill’s works of art as gifts and each one is truly special. People stop me in the street, at a restaurant, or catch me after a meeting to ask where on earth I found such a beautiful necklace.
-  Julie S, St. Louis

OMG JILL! *squeals* They arrived today and they are GORGEOUS!!! Even more stunning than in the photos, and you do take excellent photos of your work. I'm so, so very pleased. And thank you so much for another extra pair of earrings! I'm just so appreciative over here. I'm wearing the blue chalcedony necklace right now. I stepped into a room with the lights off for a second and they're so luminous and sparkly that I SO actually thought they were glowing in the dark!   Thanks for everything Jill! I'll definitely be coming back to you in the future :) And again, if you do any trunk shows in the SF Bay Area be sure to let me know!
-  Teefers

Beware of Touchstones jewelery! Not only do people constantly ask about your necklace or earrings, they will want to know all about the unique stones, the creative designer, and sometimes they are actually compelled to... touch them! Often, when I'm rushing to get dressed and out, I find myself just sitting and staring, mesmorized by the juxtaposition of the unique and gorgeous gems in my necklace, or the black and gold reflecting pools that are my Venetian glass earrings. Caution: a pair of Jill's earrings can actually change your life!
-  Veronica, New York

I just had to tell you how thought your trunk show was fabulous! You have such an “eye”, Jill… and I have so enjoyed the necklace I bought!!! (I have also gotten so many compliments on it that your ears should be burning!)
-  Patti Linn – Brooklyn, NY

Jill, I wanted to let you know how much your artistry in your jewelry is appreciated.  Purchasing a piece is like buying a painting.  The workmanship is so precise and the quality and artistry breathes through each piece taking on special meaning.  Knowing these are one of a kind makes them even more special.  Thank you for sharing your talent.  
-  Linda M. Roy

I love my necklaces.. and receive lots of compliments. They are my among my favorite things, without a doubt. Plus they remind me of you. You are really creative and your craftwoman-ship is superb.  I can only look for now, but it sure is fun.
-  Mary Lampe, Houston TX

I live in Manhattan and I had imagined that no one would get very excited about a piece of jewelry in this town. Was I ever wrong. Everywhere I go, when I wear these pearls, somebody always asks me – Where did you get this? Where can I get one? – I proudly say from Touchstonestouch!
-  E. Linz, NYC

My husband recently surprised me with one of Jill's exquisite pearl necklaces for my birthday. Since receiving it, I have hardly taken if off. First of all, it is so lovely and more important, it makes my aging NECK appear so lovely!!!
-  Elma, St Louis

My husband bought me this necklace for my birthday. How he found you I will never know but it was a great choice.
-  Melanie Raffaelo, St Louis

Jill, I just wanted to let you know how much I love my necklace. The purple jade is magnificent and I also adore the brass beads. It is so well made and I feel very glamourous each time that I put it on. Beautiful. Thank you.
-  Sarah, France
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